Friday, November 30, 2007

I am thankful for...

...Trampolines! My husband, son and I went to Rhode Island for Thanksgiving to my husband's cousin's house. You got that? :) It's always a lot of fun every year. It's easy on us because they have three children and then another cousin has three children so that's seven kids altogether running around and having fun. Also, this house is GREAT because they have a fenced in back yard with a trampoline!!!What could be better than jumping all your ya-ya's out in the back yard?! (My son is in the stripes.)
It was a lovely trip with great food, wonderful folk and FANTASTIC weather, but I did do something I have never done before. I forgot my camera. By that, I mean I left it behind.
Normally, you can't pry the thing out of my hands. I love taking pictures. Because I love going through old scrapbooks and looking at the pictures. But my son is getting a little tired of the paparazzi, so after a few shots, he's been saying, "No more pictures, Mommy." And I have been trying to comply and "be in the moment" a little more.
Well, look what that got me. I put the darn thing down and forgot about it!
So I am also thankful for my cousin-in-law, Mary Beth, and UPS.

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äiti said...

Great picture.

I hear you about being in the moment, but I, too, love taking pictures and waiting for/creating that perfect shot.