Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sand Art

This is one of C's new favorite art mediums, sand art.  The toughest part is finding the sand. We got a box of "scenic sand" at Michael's craft store and then I put mine into old baby food jars. (I'm always so glad I kept all those.)
On a piece of paper, the artist makes designs with plain old glue.  Then s/he spoons out some sand and sprinkles it over the paper.  The artist can pick up the paper and move the sand around that way too.  (Here's my little tip, have the artist work on an old baking sheet with edges to keep the sand from going all over the place.)
If you're around, or if you have a slightly older artist, teach them to cup the paper and pour the remaining sand back into the container.
Make sure you cover all the glue with sand, and it's fine to add more glue and sand in shifts.
I think it comes out looking pretty cool.  And I'm always excited about anything that keeps C busy and creative.
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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