Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birthday Boy Part II

Magoo loves Spiderman.  Why Spiderman as opposed to Superman or Batman?  I do not know. But anything with Spiderman on it is A-OK by him.  So here he is worshipping at the alter of Spiderman (a bank that dances when you put money in it) wearing his Spiderman costume - which he is still wearing as I type.

As a sidenote - he calls The Green Goblin "Veetenna".  Neither Michael or myself know how this started, but whenever he sees Spiderman's foe, he shouts, "Veetenna!"  So, of course, Michael and I now call the green guy "Veetenna" too.
Here's Spidy and his pals - Aki and Teo.  Notice how even when SPiderman is posing with the fans, he still has his hands ready to sling some web.  This guy's a professional!

Here I am - "Spidermom" as I am known in the house - finally resting after the guests have gone.

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