Sunday, December 30, 2007

Birthday Boy Part I

I'm doing this post in two parts because - for some unknown reason - I can only post three pics at a time.  Go figure???

Anyway - today is Magoo's 5th birthday.  Five days after Christmas.  Can you guess how many presents this only child gets in December???
He came out at lunch time, so we had a nice pizza lunch with our good friends the Jacobson-Suzuki's.

I made him this birthday crown with five beads, based on this design.

Here he is about to blow out the Spiderman cake.  It was my first gluten-free cake and frosting.  (Our friends have a gluten-free child.)  It was pretty good!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday, Magoo! :-) My son's b-day is Dec. 18, so I've been thinking of your idea of celebrating his half-birthday in June with his friends and his real b-day in December with the family. Not that he has friends of his own, as he just turned two. But for the future...

Hope Magoo enjoyed his day!

äiti said...

We had so much fun celebrating with you guys!

The GF pizza and cake meant a lot.

Other friends and folks have made attempts to be GF for us, but this was the first time that he really enjoyed his not-at-home/unfamiliar GF meal.


Julie_c said...

Shirl - I'm so glad he enjoyed everything. Making all that stuff special was, of course, my pleasure for Aki. But it also made me really appreciate all the extra effort it must take you to prepare meals. Wow!

Ella said...

Happy Birthday. 5! i imagine you are enjoying the peace of January after what i suspect was a busy and possibly overwhelming December. Nice work on the crown. Those are important things to have in the dress up chest.