Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cute and Cuter

My son and I take an art class on Monday mornings.  It has been a really great experience because it introduces him to things I don't think of.  One of my big issues with art for kids is that I tend to find/create projects that are simply too darn complicated for little ones.  (This was a problem when I volunteered for art projects in pre-school last year.  I would go crazy trying to help four 4-year olds complete a five step project!!!)
Last Monday, our art teacher put out big pieces of craft paper and my son laid down on it and I traced him.  Then he painted and pasted and designed the final look!  I helped with a few of the dots and cutting out the form, but the rest was all him.  Now it's hanging in our hallway.  The original is still the best, but I think son # 2 is still pretty great and I know that son #1 is very proud.

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äiti said...

What a great looking project. And, yes, he does look so proud and happy :-)