Monday, December 24, 2007

Gingerbread Man Puppets

In a few weeks, I am signed up to volunteer at my son's pre-school.  I'm supposed to "read" a story but I've wanted to do a puppet show for awhile.  We borrowed a library book of the Gingerbread Man that I liked a lot so I am making puppets to tell that version.

In it, the little old lady and little old man make the gingerbread cookie and he, of course, runs away.  Along the path he encounters a butcher, a cow and a muddy old sow.  So here are those three:
And here are the old lady and old man.
I still have to make the Gingerbread Man and the fox that eats him at the end, but they will be slightly different as their rolls are different.  For example, the Fox will be closer to a standard hand puppet with a moving mouth so he can eat the cookie.  I'll post those when I'm done. 

But I've had so much fun making these guys.  I can't wait to start rehearsing!

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äiti said...

I love the expressions on their faces! These are amazing...