Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Good Day for the Boy

It was a good day for my son.  It snowed last night and he was very excited to see that the white stuff stuck around.  Since it was going to warm up, my husband and I knew it wouldn't last.  So we went out around 9:30am to get some fun in.  Lots of snowballs were thrown - mostly at me - and a teeny, tiny snowman was made.

My son's newest favorite item on the menu is hot cocoa with marshmallows.  He was always iffy on the cocoa part - but add marshmallows - it's a MUST HAVE!  Here, we're trying to teach him to sip it while leaning over his cup so he doesn't spill.
In our town, there is a new development called Blue Back Square.  I have to say, it's pretty nice. Lovely shops and walkways.  A new movie theater.  A couple BIG stores like Barnes & Noble and a Crate & Barrel.  So they're having a "Holiday Stroll" this weekend to get the folks down to check it out.  Batman was there!!!
And so was Santa!
Santa being there came as a great surprise to us.  We knew about Batman.  We went for Batman. But as we were walking along - we saw Santa sitting on a bed in a shop window and only one child had discovered him so far.  So we walked right in and popped our only child in a bed with a man we've never met before and told him to talk to the stranger - that's Christmas spirit!

Our little guy did a great job.  He answered Santa's questions - although he was brief about it. What does he want for Christmas?  A fire toy!  Maybe we'll get him a Johnny Human Torch costume.    :)  


Jay said...

I wish I had thought of the mini snow man. Lilja has been aching to make one. oh well, lessons learned. as for cocoa, she had NEVER EVER GOTTEN ENOUGH, marshmallows or no. we tried to teach her how to sip from a to go cup last night, no so much success. the boy looks like he is really enjoying life these days, it's good to be him.

äiti said...

What the hell are they thinking having Santa on a freakin' bed?!? Oh my goodness, no.

Julie_c said...

It's just that kind of store. There's ALWAYS a bed in the window - it's just not usually occupied. But I don't mind. I think it's nice, really, that there's still one thing - Santa - that's kind of pure and innocent in the world.

Still - we were right there the whole time.