Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lutz Museum

It's school vacation week, which means it's 24/7 Mom Time, which means museums. Fortunately we have some good ones around.  This morning Magoo and I went to the Lutz Children's Museum and had some fun. 
The Lutz Museum is pretty small - for a museum.  They have two main rooms - one of which is a farm, the other changes - and a "zoo" in the back.  But it's good because you can keep track of your kid pretty easily.
Here, Magoo is fishing in the new "Sea Life Exhibit".  There was a big boat the kids could get in and fish and drive and a submarine.  Magoo caught dinner!
Milking the cow was a big hit.  
And back in the "zoo" room there are about 10 different animals: opossum, owls, pigeons, snakes, rabbits and TURTLES!
We spent about 70 minutes there running around and trying everything out.  There was a "lecture" where you could pet a bunny.  Magoo was not impressed.  Last year he got to pet a snake - I think he liked that better.  But it was a good time, and, as always, it's good to get out of the house on a rainy, spitty day like today.
Three days until his birthday!!!  

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