Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Quiet Corner

My son, who is nearly five, is an emotional boy.  Whatever he feels - he feels it big time.  If he's happy - he's the happiest kid on Earth and his laugh is like winning the lottery.  But when he's grumpy - OH BABY - that kid has a dark cloud over his head and it's very difficult to blow it away.  And, quite frankly, it can be a little trying for my husband and myself when he's huffing about over nothing. 
So I had an idea - The Quiet Corner.

In theory, it's a place where he can go and deal with his emotions and try to calm himself.  I cleaned out a corner of my art studio (which was no small feat,) put a cozy pillow in there, some puppets and books, and a colorful curtain - because I don't want it to be a punishment place, just a special place.
At first, he was pretty excited about it.  It was fun and cool.  Later in the evening, when an opportunity arose due to messy sequins, we tried it out.  I took Magoo (my nickname for him) over there.  Told him he could hang out and try to calm down and come out whenever he wanted to.  And he did quiet down - but he hadn't really calmed down.  I could go on about the next 30 minutes - but let's just say it wasn't that quiet.  
Only time will tell if his special place will be a place of calm or a place of play - maybe both.  Or maybe - in a month - it will simply go back to being a place where I put my stuff.


äiti said...

The quiet corner looks cozy.

This is a tough one. Know that it will get easier for him, and you, to deal with his emotions.

You might want to try making a book/story, something visual, to help ritualize and teach the use of the quiet corner.

Good luck!

Julie_c said...

That's a good idea. Thanks.