Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow Day

I had plans yesterday - things I wanted to get done.  I needed to go to the art store and buy paper.  I needed to clean the kitchen and finish my Christmas cards.  None of that happened. Instead, I got a snow day - and it was wonderful.
I wasn't expecting school to be closed.  It wasn't supposed to start to snow until 1:00.  I thought the kids would go in and then it would be an early release day.  But the schools were right not to open because it started coming down at 10:30 - and boy, oh, boy - did it come down.
Magoo (my nickname for my son) wasn't out five minutes before his long eyelashes were covered in ripe snowflakes.

We went to the park to go sledding.  We made snowballs and, of course, snow angels...
We had lunch at one neighbor's house.  We had another neighbor over for cocoa and playing.  And there were many trips out in the snow and many pairs of mittens soaked through.  At 7pm, while my husband continued to shovel in the dark, I had to call Magoo in and he was none too pleased.  But a warm bath made everything better and I think the child slept really well last night.  I know I did.

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