Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Book Barn I: The Books

This weekend we went down to Niantic, CT to visit my mother-in-law.  Whenever we're there, we like to go to The Book Barn.  The Book Barn is this great used book store that is less of a barn and more like an estate.  I think they must have outgrown the "barn" years ago because there are many more little buildings and wagons throughout crammed with books.  (They've even expanded into downtown Niantic with a separate shop.)

A little atmosphere: here you see a bookstore cat, the front entrance, a fire to keep the outside workers warm, and a chef that gives the rules of book selling to the barn.
This is where I hang out - the children's literature section - where I judge many books by their covers.  I have to.  There's no organization to the books so you have to flip through the bins one by one. I've gotten pretty good about spotting the gems - so I can zip through pretty quickly.  It also helps that Magoo wants to be with "Daddy" so I get to look solo.  
And here's what I got:
Emily and the Golden Acorn by Ian Beck - this one I don't know.  But it has nice illustrations and a pirate ship.  $1.00.  You are mine!

Berlioz the Bear by Jan Brett - when I see a Jan Brett, I buy a Jan Brett.

My Name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter - this one is more for me.  I love Georgia O'Keefe and I think the illustrations are bold and simple.  Something I strive for in my own.  I'd be surprised if Magoo went for this one.

Arthur's Tooth by Marc Brown - I don't go for books based on TV series.  But when the books came first, well that's just fine by me.  I figure Magoo is only a couple years away from loosing a tooth, so this will be a timely one and he's just getting into Arthur too.  This will be a hit.

Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer - When I was a girl I loved the Little Critter books.  I remember copying pages out of them.  Since Magoo is in a real "Daddy Phase" right now I thought they'd both enjoy this one.

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion - A classic.  I spied this and snatched it out of the hands of a 4-year old girl.  Only kidding.  I was alone.  But I did snatch it out of a bin.  I never read this as a child, but I am reading a book on composing picture book texts and they refer to this a lot.  I think classics are always good to own - they're classics for a reason - but I think I might use this one just as much as Magoo.


Jay said...

I forgot all about the book barn!! wow, flash back. and we read 'Harrry the dirty dog' weekly. Love it...

ian said...

Hi my name is Ian Beck author and illustrator of Emily and The Golden Acorn. I am so glad you found a copy, it was published in the USA some years ago now and is a favourite among my own books. It was never a wildly successful book either here (UK) or in America but specila to me in that it was one of my first solo stories. I do hope you find something in it to enjoy. It was inspired by memories ofa hurricane which struck the south of England in October 1987, and I saw sadly uprooted trees in London squares.
All Best Ian

ian said...

PS aplologies for the spelling and typo howlers in my previous message. I also forgot to add my website details in case you wanted to find out about my other books.

Thank You