Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day at the Museum

Yesterday, Martin Luther King Day, the Wadsworth Antheneum had free admission and crafts for the kids.  We like to go to places like museums on free admission days because we never know if Magoo is going to be into it or not.  He's a pretty active kid.  "Don't touch" and "Look at the paintings" don't usually go over too well with him.  The first time we came, all he wanted to do was ride the elevator.
But the activities were great and he got into them right away.  First stop was button making.  The kids got a small circle of paper to color and then the gals at the station made them into buttons.  I think it was great that they set this up right in the gallery.  Magoo didn't look at the paintings on the walls, but maybe the air of great art seeped into his pores?!
Then we went into another room where the little kids had scratch boards and they had etching out for the big kids.  Well, Magoo did his scratch board pretty quickly and then he was determined to etch.  The tools are too sharp, so we compromised.  Magoo drew his image and Dad etched it out.  Good deal.

Here are the final works.  I'm trying to figure out what the rubber blocks we used to carve on are called so I can order more, but so far no luck.  My quest continues.

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äiti said...

We went to the Newark Museum on MLK day, drawn by their free admission. It was kind of a madhouse though.

The kids did like the more hands-on exhibits like the mini-zoo (as opposed to the art and cultural objects on display).