Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Day with Horses

Yesterday was a great day. It started lazy, no plans apart from donuts for breakfast. Then I got a call from one of my watercolor students, Melanie, who keeps horses. It was a sunny, mild day and she asked if we wanted to bring Magoo out to see the horses. Uh - ABSOLUTELY!
He helped brush Kiwi, the horse, and was eager to get on. No fear whatsoever.
Actually, he was quite upset to get off. He could have kept going for an hour, I think!
But he still got to meet some of the other horses. This one was watching us the whole time, but very still - very quiet. Only inched closer and closer, as if it wasn't quite sure what to make of my little gremlin. But it got close enough for a meet and greet.
Even if there weren't any horses, Magoo had fun squishing in the mud. Oh yeah - he's a boy!
It was a lot of fun. Thanks Melanie!


äiti said...

I see you figured out the b/w. The pictures look great and Cam looks like a natural on the horse!

Julie_c said...

Not really, Shirl. I did the b&w on the computer - not the camera. I suppose that's good enough though. When I was looking at your camera function - I completely forgot I could just do it myself on the computer - duh!