Friday, January 11, 2008


Yesterday we got a package in the mail. Something to enhance out lives. A Flowbee.
Note the discrete packaging.
For those of you who do not know what a Flowbee is - it is a device that you attach to your vacuum cleaner and it cuts your hair. The theory is, the vacuum sucks your hair up into the mechanism that houses the cutting blades - snip, snip - then your unwanted hair goes directly into the vacuum and not on your floor.
My father has been using one for years and I guess he wanted someone to join him on the Flowbee bandwagon because he bought one for my husband. My husband usually allows me to cut his hair - so you know he can't be too picky. Just the right candidate for a Flowbee!
So here it is -

Now this is me in the photo with actor Nathan Fillion (Desperate Housewives, Firefly) playing my husband. (If you know my husband at all, you'll know why I had to Photoshop an actor in order to post this shot. It's not because he's hideous. He's very handsome. But he doesn't like having his photo taken - let alone posted on my blog. So this is my solution. I did a pretty good job - don't you think.) Anyway I thought it was important to show the actual Flowbee in this post. You move it around the head - up and down, up and down - and it just snips away.

I used my scissors around the edges of the neck and ears, but the rest was all Flowbee. My husband (not Nathan Fillion) and I both thought it did a pretty good job.
Thanks Dad and thanks Flowbee!


äiti said...

Amazing on many levels.

The photoshop job is impeccable, I was wondering whose hair you were cutting until I came to that part of the post. Mmmm, Nathan Filion....

I cut the hair of all three guys in my house and the one part of it I really don't like is how the little hairs get all over the place. So, this is enlightening and interesting to me.

I am curious as to how flexible the Flowbee is in terms of styling. I'll have to check out M's hair next time I see him.

Shrinkydinks, the Flowbee, you guys have got it going on old school!

Julie_c said...

Shirl - next time you guys think you might be up - let Erik's hair go a bit and we can Flowbee him!!!

Jay said...

I'm in, when can my flowbee appointment be???

and at first I thought that you acutally knew Nathan Filion... amazing photoshop job.

Julie_c said...

Jay - whenever you're by - I'll whip that Flowbee out! Although - honestly, I'm not sure how well it would do with your short 'do. We can try!!!

Oh, and as for knowing Nathan Fillion - I WISH!
Photoshop is a good and evil tool.

äiti said...

If Julie knew Nathan Filion, she wouldn't be living in CT, she'd be living it up in Hollywood, baby!

Julie_c said...

Shhhhhhh - Michael reads this blog!!!! ;)

Globetrotter Sara said...

WOW! I'm just... well, speechless :D