Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our New Library

West Hartford had a nice town center.  There were restaurants, little shops.  It was cute.  But there was an area right behind Main Street that housed a run-down vacant Chevy dealership, some ugly lots, and one tiny brick building.  It put the "ug" in ugly.  I think every resident had their own fantasy plans for the space should they ever win the lottery.  I certainly did.  I wanted an art house movie theater.

Well, some developers came and now - two years later - we have what's called Blue Back Square.  Whole Foods.  Barnes & Noble.  Crate & Barrel.  REI.  And a lot of smaller shops and boutiques.  AND - a movie theater!!!  But they also re-did the main library and it just opened this weekend.  (That's where I waiting in line an hour for Magoo's balloon hat.)

So here are some shots of the Children's Floor.  Yes - that's right - an entire floor! 
This is the puppet theater.  There are two curved blue benches that run out and serve as audience seating - but not for my boy.  For my boy they were planks to be run upon and jumped from.  (There was really no one there on Monday afternoon and it's January and mucky outside.  The kid needs his excercise.  (shame-spiral) I know - I'm bad.)
Here's a wall full of velcro shapes to stick and unstick.  There's also a corner with a train table, house section, doll house, and dress-up area.  Oh - and there's books there too! ;)

Here's my little leap frog.  I know!  I'm bad!  But you see, these folks were smart.  They put this section all the way in the back.  They know this is going to happen. (shame-spiral.)

Anyway - the library was nice before.  Now it's frickin' awesome!

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