Monday, January 7, 2008


It was a big day, Sunday.  Pretty early on, Magoo wanted to make cookies.  I was working on my puppets (below) so Michael helped him out.
The thing to note about this picture is that this is NOT just a corner of my kitchen.  This is pretty much my entire kitchen.  I am standing against my sink and dish washer to take the pic, and that's as far as I can go.  If the shot went a little wider you could see Cam's hand touching the fridge, which marks the other wall.  Teeny kitchen.
Do you like the hat?  I hope so.  I spent an HOUR waiting in line for that hat.  It was the grand re-opening of the main library in town and we went to check it out.  When I got in the line for the balloon art, I would have guessed a 30 minute wait.  Michael took him around to see the library sites, but when they came back, some 20 minutes later, I didn't appear to have moved.  (I think some people were letting their kids sneak in the front.  I can't prove it though.)  Magoo waited with me the rest of the time.  And he was sooooo patient.  And it was sooooo hot in there.  We're going back today, Monday afternoon.  I bet it will be a lot less crazy!  but we're so glad that it's open again and it looks AWESOME!
And I finished my puppets for my Gingerbread Man performance at Magoo's class on Friday.  The big one is the sly Fox.  I know he looks more like a high fox, but I'm still pretty impressed with myself.  And i love the little gingerbread man I made on a little baking sheet for the old man and woman to put in the over.  That's all they do with it.  Put it in the over.  But it's still cute!

Then my agent called around 4pm and we talked over some changes to the project that we are currently shopping around.  I'll be busy this week working on that - so I may have to slack off of the blog.  But we'll see.

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äiti said...

What a fun-filled day. I love the pic of Cam in the kitchen. He looks so grown up.

The puppets look awesome. Have fun doing the puppet show!