Tuesday, January 15, 2008


THIS:  I had some stuffing upstairs.  I don't remember why, maybe for sock monkeys?  Anyway - Magoo started putting it in plastic bags to make "stuffed animals".  So I got out some light fabric from the basement (where I keep such things) and gave him some Sharpie markers.  The first thing he made was the man with the heart shaped head.  I don't know if it's really a man.  I forget what he said it was - but it's basically a person.  Two eyes.  Mouth.  At least one arm.  Legs. Then I sewed it up and let him stuff it - which, I think, was his favorite part.  

A couple days passed and he wanted to make another one.   I think it's a dinosaur with a sword.  (The sword is the line in the upper triangle to the right.)  Once again - good stuffing fun.  I think these are just too darn cute and I'll probably get some fabric paint next time I'm out at the craft store so we can take it up a notch.

THAT:  I am making a board game.  Well, I should say I am revising a board game that I made in my early 20's - yeeeeeears ago.  It was always fun to play but I'm not going to go into the plot of it because my neighbor is convinced I should patten it and try to sell it to Parker Brothers.  We'll see.  Anyway, I made the little game pieces into people and I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Look at those awesome fashions.   Clearly it's a game for really cool people - like me! :)


äiti said...

Aki says:

Cool, I wish I knew the name of the board game. I think the idea about the Parker Brothers is funny. Are the people wooden or plastic?

Julie_c said...

They're wooden. And I didn't paint any skin tones so the base is what you see. The game is called The Game Of Love. I have the basic idea and the cards are all worked out - it's the layout of the gameboard that is giving me some trouble. When I have the rest all sorted out, then I'll make some mock-ups and invite people over to play. A little market research!

Ella said...

i love Magoo's first stuffies!! We're doing the exact same thing right now! i am such a sucker for little wooden folk. i look forward to the game. Maybe i'll be your first buyer as board games are a hit in our home right now.