Thursday, January 31, 2008

Toledo Zoo

Here are some of the animals we met during our visit to the Toledo Zoo.  I suppose the benefit of going when it's cold is to see animals like the snow leopard walking around.  My sister-in-law (who took this shot) and my step-mom said that they have never seen it out and about before.
There are two new baby polar bears.  This one was very curious about us and came right up to the gate.  It seemed so sweet I sorta wanted to climb over and pet it - but I'm pretty sure I would have been killed, so it's best to just take a photo.  Sis-in-law, Kristy - took this one too. Her zoom is much better than mine.  I am filled with zoom envy.  They also have a lot of web cams up at the zoo so you can check out the hippo or seals at play.
These are a couple pics I snapped in the aquarium.  As a child, I loved the aquarium.  It's so dark and calm in there.  And I really love looking at jellyfish.
Mind you, I'm absolutely terrified of jellyfish in open water where I am swimming.  In New England, if it's a really hot summer, they will come to the coast.  My husband and his family are used to them and can spot them, but I can't see them so I get totally freaked out if anyone spies a jelly floating around.  What can I say?  I'm a wuss.  We don't have them in Ohio!!!
I don't know what this fish is called.  I didn't have my notebook on me to write it down.  But isn't just the ugliest thing ever?!?!  But I love it.  It's like the character actor of fish.  I think I'll call it Bugsy.