Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Views of my Desk

This was my desk yesterday morning.  It is mostly a collection of things I did the evening before and hadn't put away yet.  The central project being a crow study.  I've always loved the shapes of crows, but I have yet to find the perfect way to capture it.  The green sheet is just me playing around with some stencils I made.  
There's also a bunch of Sharpies, a glue stick, my cruddy pencil sharpener and a bunch of new acrylic paints that one of my watercolor students no longer wanted.  I run an eager orphanage for unwanted art supplies.  
And cocoa.  
A spontaneous poem about cocoa:
I don't drink coffee
I don't drink tea
Cocoa with marshmallows
Is the drink for me.

Below we have the desk mid-work day.  I am working on my final art for my Ninja book and here I am set up working on a kimono for the ninja master.  (I circled the tiny kimono in yellow.)  One tiny kimono makes a lot of mess.
But I am loving it.  I think this is my favorite part of the process.  The text is done, all the pencil layouts are done and now I get to work with the fun and colorful paper.  Good stuff!!!  


äiti said...

I like the two views of your desk.

Having been in your studio, I am really impressed by what you get done in what looks to me like not very much space.

I love the look of the crow study, that green is fabulous. There is something attractive about crows for me, too.

Julie_c said...

Yes - it's not exactly a spacious place. I go through artist catalogs and drool at large paper drawer cabinets. All my big pieces of paper are stuffed beneath the futon!