Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're Back

I got word on Friday that my grandfather had passed away. It was expected and I had decided earlier that I wanted to return to Ohio for the services and bring Magoo with me. It's been a long time since extended family has seen either of us. And I think it's nice to have youth around when someone old has passed to remind us of the cycle of life. That sounds cheesy but I believe it.
Anyway - Magoo and I hit the airport on Saturday.
Here he is, waiting for our plane, with a small Etch-A-Sketch. What a great thing! This little gadget kept him good and occupied many, many times this trip and I think it helps inspire a couple more abstract ideas in me, too!
On Sunday morning my Mom and I met up with my step-mother, sister-in-law and my nephew to go to Toledo Zoo's Frozentoesen - which basically means you're going to the zoo when it's cold. The place was deserted and that was AWESOME! Magoo could roam and always be in my sight. Here he is by the fish fountain.
This is a pic of Kristy (sis-in-law), her son (Little J), me, and Magoo. I hadn't seen my nephew since he was, like, 9 months old - so it was really fun for me to spend some time with him and he and Magoo are like two peas in a pod when it comes to high energy levels. We let them run wild in the aquarium and they had a blast.
We saw a lot of the cold weather animals enjoying the climate and I think I'll post some of those pics tomorrow. But right now, I have to get Magoo ready for school and I have to recover a bit. I'm tried!

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äiti said...

Welcome home---sounds like it was a good and meaningful trip. I'm glad.