Saturday, February 16, 2008

Basement Discoveries

As I mentioned before, last Wednesday there was a storm in New England.  Snow followed by rain.  What happened to us is that the hose that pushed the water out of the sump pump froze, so when the pump kicked on, the water had nowhere to go - except, of course, our basement.

It's wasn't a devastating flood (although my husband may beg to differ), we got a solid inch of water all around and in some places a little higher.  But I had prepared for the possibility and put a lot of things up.  Still, some things got wet and some needed pitching.  Other things just needed cleaning and bleaching and that was what I was doing Thursday and Friday.

But - I found some things.  Fun things.  Things to share.  Like this photo.  I'm in the middle and I'm guessing I'm about 5 years old.  I don't remember the performance or even the rehearsals. But I do remember being backstage and getting these blue wings put on me.
And I found my paper doll collection.  As a girl, I loved to play with my Barbie dolls, and make paper dolls.  I made a lot of them.  (I framed them later in life.)  Most of the time I made families that would fit in with my paper community.  I was fascinated with twins - so there are a lot of twins in the neighborhood. 
The top row are some of the earlier ones.  I remember these so fondly.  As you can see, I also really liked Princesses.  I was very girlie.  I circled a set of twins.  Dig those cool jumpers!!!
And the brunette at the bottom, well, that's the paper doll version of teenage Julie.  Beige shorts and strappy heels - that was my vision for myself!
Note too, the Hawaiian family of girls in what I thought would be their everyday clothing.

Obviously I was into clothes.  And to go further in that vein, as a teenager, I would design dresses that I would make.  Here is my Homecoming Dress.  The date says 1989, so I must have been a senior.
I have my high fashion design, my fabric swatches and the photo of the completed dress modeled by me and my big 80's hair.  Lookin' Good!


Jay said...

I was fascinated by twins as well and was very sad when I realized that I would never have a twin. Love the jumpers, can you make us some now? and LOVE the high hair outfit. You were, and still are, all that!!!

äiti said...

I love this post. Seeing and learning about parts of you from before I knew you.

I went through a phase when I was a teen where my friend, Erin, and I would play marathon games of Life and I would give all my kids first and middle names and birth dates.

Seeing your paper dolls reminds me of that.

Ella said...

i'm so happy you framed your paper dolls. Those are awesome!