Friday, February 8, 2008

Bean Bag Frog

I found a new blog/site.  It's called The Purl Bee and it's fabulous.  Why is it fabulous, you might ask?  Because they have a ton of free tutorials for very cool sewing and knitting crafts.  And I don't even knit.  If you knit and sew - you're mind will probably explode!  Well, if you're a craft geek, you're mind will explode.  Otherwise, your mind will probably be just fine.

I just discovered it yesterday and I found this cute bean bag frog.  You remember that little pink lotus tote I made for my friend's daughter.  Well, she looooooves frogs and I haven't sent the package out.   So I whipped this up real quick to include.    

This is a good photo for the shape, but you can't really get the pink in the heart.  I took these down in the basement.  (It has been very dreary here and no natural light for photos. ) 
This is a little better for the colors.  Taking photo after photo of this frog really makes me appreciate the good shots other people get.

Anyway, it turned out cute and now I want to make a bunch of frogs.  But since not too many people need a bean bag frog, I wonder if I could fill it with potpourri and make drawer fresheners, or something.  Hmmmmm....


äiti said...

Cute! What kind of fabric is that? I like how textural it looks.

Jay said...

someone just made one of these for Theo. we haven't used it on him yet but it is hella cute.

Julie_c said...

Shirl - it's just some cotton scraps I had left over from turning a mumu into a skirt. It's a sort of pickle green - which I love - with a flower design on it.