Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February Break

In Ohio - where I'm from, we don't have February Break.  We just have a week off around Easter.  So I'm still getting used to the two break weeks we get in New England.  Someone told me that February break was created so people could go skiing.  I believe it.

We're laying low, for the most part.  I always try to schedule the week so that no one gets too bored (Magoo) or too cranky (me).  Finding alone time will be tough so I may be a little blog-light this week.  But this is the day we're having so far.

A little quiet alone play for Magoo.  It's nice to rediscover toys.  He hasn't played with this one for awhile, but found joy in tormenting the cat.  And believe me, she has it coming.  
Then Magoo's friend, D, came over from a few houses down.  In the warm weather we see all the neighborhood kids all the time.  Instant play dates.  It's really nice.  Then we all hole up for 5 months and I miss the connections.  I think Magoo does too.  So it's nice that D could swing by.
I love the light coming through the window.  It's been gloomy for a long time.  Sunlight feels so good. And it's crazy how much more energetic I feel when sun is streaming through the glass.  Of course - I did exercise this morning too, so that may have something to do with it.  I hope it's sunny where you are.


äiti said...

So true about the sun...and the exercise. I've noticed that just stretching in the morning makes a difference in my energy level during the day.

The shaft of light was the first thing I noticed in the picture...and the way it affects all the colors and the mood of the moment captured.

Jay said...

I forgot how great Magoo's room is. It has been so long since we have been down there. And I love seeing him playing. He is such a big kid now.