Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Flower and the Bee

It's not Spring time yet, but I wanted to try a bee.  Mainly I wanted to work on the intricate cutting of the wings.
Since I've been researching paper cutting more, my husband asked me why would someone do a paper cut when they could just do an ink drawing?  So I've been thinking about that.  Right now, for me, I like the symmetry of it.  It would be a pain in the tush to do that with pen and ink.  But for images that are asymmetrical - I don't know yet.  It's a good question.


äiti said...

The symmetry, as you mentioned. Also, texturally there is something different, certainly up close and in person.

For me, the paper cuttings are very evocative There is something about the opaqueness, the matte-ness of the blacks I am seeing in your work that actually feels really different from ink.

Also, knowing that something is cut from paper, I appreciate it in a different way. Different materials, different skill sets, different reasons that went into the thought process of creating that particular work of art.

It is a good question, but for me, there is no redundancy here.

I like your bee. The wings are gorgeous...and I like the grass.

Julie_c said...

Nicely put.