Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Frog and Toad

Another round of volunteering at Magoo's school has begun and since my last puppet show, The Gingerbread Man, went well, I thought I'd do another one.  But The Gingerbread Man had too many characters.  I managed, but it was a little crazy.  So I thought about stories with 2 characters and I came up with Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad.

What's even better about doing Frog and Toad is that there are MANY stories with these characters so I can use them over again!  Above, you see the finished puppets.  These are more traditional hand puppets, so I can manipulate their hands and heads a bit.

Below - this is my paper mache' station.  I used water balloons for the heads and taped small round beads for the eyes.  I also made paper mache' "hands" for both characters.
The following day I popped the balloons (the beads stayed inside) and I painted them.  I had to paint them according to body color fabric I already had.  If I were being really true to the book, Toad would be more brown.  The "hands" are drying on my marker rack in the background.
Here's how I put the body together.  I made a "glove" of primarily dark fabric and a bit of "frog flesh" at the top.  I leave the finger holes and the neck open.  I hot glued the neck in place. Then, separately, I made the pants with open legs.  I just hand stitch the top of the pants to the outside of the puppet glove.  (There will be a belt - so it isn't too neat.)  Then I sew a little jacket and I hot glue the "hands" inside the sleeves.
I then just stitch the jacket in place, right over the shoulders and that part is done.  The final thing I did was to make feet out of polymer clay (to weigh it down.)  Bake the feet.  Then I glued them into the open legs. (You can see the feet in the top image.) Ta-da - hand puppets.
It took about 3 days to do these and they are far from perfect.  But I think they'll be cute enough for the kiddies!


äiti said...

Cute enough for me, too! These are great.

Jessica said...

These are the greatest ever!!
Frog and Toad are still some of my most favorite stories!