Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making the Most of It

Saturday morning.  Magoo was in serious need of mental and physical stimulation.  The weather has not been great around here.  It's just a touch too warm to snow - so it rains.  And it's muddy and gross outside.  I was hopeful that we could go to a park in the afternoon, but for the morning, I opted for the Connecticut Children's Museum.

Here's Magoo running to "Connie" the whale.
Unfortunately the dinosaur exhibit had not opened yet.  But we made the best with what we had.  I love this picture of Magoo working the music box.  It captures his level of energy. ( A level I wish I had. )
And the giant Light Bright.  I know they probably call it a "color board" or something but, c'mon, it's a Light Bright!
We DID get some snow after lunch.  It certainly wasn't much.  But I wanted to get Magoo outside, so with the tops of the grass blades still showing, we headed out to our little neighborhood hill.  (I couldn't help feeling like a pathetic girl begging someone to take her to prom.  That's how desperate we were for some sledding.)  

It was still fairly muddy at the park - but it was slick enough to get about 6-7 good runs in.  We probably weren't out for more that 40 minutes tops before the snow started to become rain - but we did our best and a little pathetic sledding is better than no sledding at all.

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äiti said...

I admire you. We have been quite cooped up here.

But, then, my kids are pretty happy hanging at home.

I think sometimes they aren't tired enough at the end of the day because they haven't expended enough energy.

I wish I had Magoo's energy, too!