Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My second in the series of paper cuts is an octopus.  I was inspired by the fabulous octopi (is that right?) at Scherenschnitte.  But I tried not to "copy" her designs.  Can you tell I have a small hole punch that I enjoy?!

Right now I'm focusing on the folded paper symmetry.  I really enjoying opening it up at the end.  It's like a present on Christmas morning.  But I'll probably soon try something asymmetrical to get a feel for it.  


äiti said...

Gorgeous. I LOVE these paper cutouts. Some day, I'd like to try my hand at these because right now, they look like something I could never do.

Julie_c said...

Oh - I think you could do them just fine. I think I'm taking to this because it's not that far off from the collage I usually do. I think you just need a sense of balance between light and dark for these.

Maybe next time you guys visits or vice versa, we'll give it a try.

Snippety Gibbet said...

He turned out beautifully. I love cutting symmetrical designs, but I'm trying to force myself into trying other things too.

M.KATE said...

love the octopus !!!