Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Proper Snow

It finally happened.  Friday we got a proper snow.  So much of this winter has been filled with a small amount of snow followed by rain - which either erased all the fun, white stuff or made it tremendously icy.  We haven't been able to get out there and do all the fun winter stuff.  So when we got 6 fluffy inches on Friday - we were all pretty happy.
There's a nice little park within walking distance and it has a lovely hill just right for a 5 year old.  One side, by the brush, is steeper.  Over by the park entrance, it's a milder incline.  So, depending on the quality of snow, you can choose your hill.  
Because it was big, puffy flakes, we went on the steep side.  I love Magoo's hat - spider legs flying back. (Last week when the snow was covered by a sheet of ice, we went on the mild side of the hill and FLEW!!!)

Here Magoo stops for a snow snack.  As long as it's not a metal pole!
After an hour, it was time to head home.  Lucky Magoo got a ride.  

Really, though, it should have been the other way around.  After a quick snack, his energy was back 100%.  Michael and I felt like we needed a 4 hour nap!

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äiti said...

Great pics. The trees make it look like you're in deep woods!

I especially like the shot of Magoo having a snow snack. Kinder always brings some inside to have with maple syrup.