Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Salvation Army

I'm cheap.  But we can say "frugal" to be nice.  So when I go out shopping - which I love to do because I'm a girlie girl - I go to The Salvation Army.  But, here's how frugal I am - I only go on Wednesdays because it's HALF OFF DAY!  So those shoes for $5.00 ---- $2.50, baby!

My friend, Sara, who got me hooked in the first place, always finds fabulous shoes here.  I got a beautiful red leather Kate Spade bag for $5.00 once.  There are treasures to be had.  But you have to be patient and you have to be lucky. ( And the thought of wearing someone's old clothes has to not gross you out.  That said, there are plenty of things with the tags still on.)

Things are arranged by garment and color.  So you'll find a rack of sweaters all arranged by color.  Size is anything goes - so you have to go through the hangers one by one.  

This is about 1/3 of the place.  I felt a little odd taking pics in the Salvation Army so I didn't frame things up artistically.  Just a point and shoot mission.  I can usually spend 60 - 90 minutes here EASY.  And I can usually walk away with about 10 items for under $20.  But I had Magoo with me so I only found a couple of things.

This skirt and these shoes.  The skirt I bought for the fabric.  Normally I try things on, but again, Magoo.  So I just bought it.  The shoes I was unsure of.  I couldn't tell if they were hideous or fabulous - but they were so comfortable and I thought the color would look good poking out from a pair of jeans.  And they were HALF OFF!

Turns out the skirt's shape is straight out of Working Girl - 80's office wear.  Not what I was hoping for.  Then inspiration struck!  Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with it.  (Oooo, a blog teaser.)

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äiti said...

The shoes look funky, I like. And they don't look comfy so I'm glad that they are!