Friday, February 22, 2008

Skirt to Blouse Conversion

So I took the skirt (from the previous post) that I bought at Salvation Army, and I decided to make a summer blouse out of it.  I don't know what you call this style, but it's very loose and peasant like.  It's the kind of thing I would see on a 6 year old girl and think, "I'd like one of those!"

If you can see it - here's a visual break down of what I did:
I cut off the waistband but I saved an end piece where the button went.  I also chopped off some of the bottom to make my straps.  I cut a strip of dark blue cotton to make an inner band round the top - just to make it more finished and to give it some support.  The skirt is rayon, so it's flimsy and flowy.  (It's also lined- so I kept the lining in.)

This is the back:
I kept the original zipper in, so I used the extra piece from the waistband to do a button over the top.  You can see the dark blue cotton band.

I also put in side slits so it would sit better.  This is the finished result:
It's going to be more of a 60+ temperature top - so it will be in the closet for awhile.  But I don't think it turned out half bad.


äiti said...

Cool---it looks great!

I love the expression on C's face.

Jay said...

you're awesome! It looks great, but that is no surprise to anyone who knows you or reads this blog.

Mara said...

Thank you, thank you for this!! This was the only thing I could find on the internet that talked about converting a skirt into a shirt/blouse. I have one I'd like to do, but I was looking for a springboard... instead of cut first, curse later.
Again, thanks!