Friday, March 14, 2008

Bird and Her Nest

My little guy was sick yesterday.  He spent the day either on the couch watching TV or in bed.  Since I was sitting near him most of the day, I decided to work on a paper cut.  That's the nice thing about paper cuts, they're pretty portable.

I wanted to usher Spring in a bit so I decided to work with a bird theme.
Bird and Her Nest
I'm starting to play around a bit with part of the paper cut working with a  fold and part of it flat.  So far, no major catastrophes.  
I think one of the reasons I'm enjoying these paper cuts so much is that I can see them working well with the collage art I do for my November show in Hartford.  Like this one, this could be a lovely little gift for a new baby.
I think I'll try a tree next, maybe with crows.  Hmmmm.


Prasad said...

very nice paper cutout! Just too awesome!!

januarius said...

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äiti said...

Julie, this is beautiful. A gift for many occasions including just because :-)