Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bubble Time

Because it was a no candy Easter, Magoo looked into his little plastic Spiderman eggs and found cold hard cash! (Next year, I will plan things out better and try to come up with something a little more creative. But I have to say, he liked it just fine.) Anyway - on Monday I took him to Toys - R - Us to go shopping with his cash.

Ug - that place! I can't stand that place! I never noticed before yesterday that they put all the really expensive box set toys on the lower levels and all the less expensive toys up high. So everything Magoo was seeing was between $40-50. So there were a lot of "No, I'm sorry, honey. That's too expensive." How is that fun?! So then I suggested we go to the smaller toy store in town. Good idea. Note to self: go there first next time.

After much browsing, Magoo settled on a big bubble wand and I thought that was a very good choice.
WOW - what a huge bubble! (Sidenote: In the background is our neighbor, K. K is the girl Magoo occasionally says he is going to marry.) (Another side note: I can never spell "occasionally" the first time. Just now I had to do spell check three times to get it right.)
Since the neighbor kids came over and wanted to play too, and Magoo was very nice to share, I pulled out another big bubble wand. This one is actually pretty cool. It's like a sword and you pour the solution into its sheath and then pull it out and press a button at the base, and it opens up to make a bubble. I find it's a little easier for the kids to use too.

Okay - so this is my 99th post. Whoo-hoo! Tomorrow is Lucky Number 100 - so you know what that means? It means I have to do a contest. Tune in tomorrow...

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äiti said...

Cool bubbles! Looking forward to your contest :-) I can't believe it will be post 100 already!