Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day In the Life of Our Cat, Java

Morning:  Hmmmm.  I think I'll go redecorate the office.
Mid-morning:  Time to go help Julie with her manuscript.
Afternoon:  I bet the sun is coming into the office now.  I think I'll go enjoy my alterations.  Ahhhh, shredded paper feels soooo good.
Late- afternoon:  Now it's time to help Julie paint.
Evening: Time to steal some food and get kicked out until bedtime!

You know what's sad?  We still haven't cleaned that shredded paper up yet.  Our hope is that she will continue to shred it until it's tiny enough to vacuum.


äiti said...

This is so funny. Java is so cute! I only get to see her slinking and scurrying out of view so this was treat.

Good luck with the shredded paper...

nanaxiu said...

cute cat! i love cats!

MIMI said...

It sounds like you guys live in a wonderful house. I believe in waiting for the paper to simply disintegrate on its own. It's kinda like how the dishes in the sink wash themselves after being left for a bit.