Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Eggs

Yesterday was a much better day for my poor little sickie.  I still kept him home from school, but his energy was returning, as was his appetite.  So I decided it was a good day to dye the eggs.

I've been reading a lot about natural dyes like cabbage and such - but I'm not that hard core yet.  So I used food coloring.   What I didn't do was read the directions.  So, at first, the eggs were coming out very, very light.  Which can be okay - but not what I wanted.  So after cursing the cruddy quality of the food coloring (he, he), I then looked at the back of the box.  OOOOOH, you're supposed to add vinegar.  OOOOOH, boiling water.  Yes, yes.

Here, Magoo has dropped an egg in the pink - ker-plop!  Look at the cool red splash.
Ah vinegar - you have taken my eggs from blah to va-voom!  Look at that top yellow one.  If this isn't a bowl full of Spring, then I don't know what is.

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