Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Scene

While jogging around Blogland the other day I saw this over at Little Red Caboose and it inspired me to make an Easter scene (kinda like my little Christmas Village.)

So yesterday, I pulled out my polymer clay and Magoo and I made some little eggs.  Of course, he didn't want to help me at first.  Me "Do you want to make some eggs with Mama?"  Him "Uh, no thank you."  He is polite.  But I knew once I got started he would join in, that's usually how it goes.
I had some light green fuzzy fabric in the basement.  I'm not in love with it, but it will do. Besides, I like the texture to keep the eggs from rolling.  And I bought the tiny basket a few months ago at a church thrift shop.
Voila!  Easter scene.

Magoo did the self-portrait in school a little while back, but I think it works nicely against the scene.  It's bright and egg shaped!  The elf is borrowed from the Christmas decorations.  For some reason, she was hiding in an Easter basket.  But since I'm looking for something with a vintage feel to it, she can stay.  

What I really want is a small porcelain bunny like this:
Only a little less frightened.  Poor little guy looks like he has a gun to his head!  Here comes Peter Cotton Tail - BLAMO!


äiti said...

Yes the bunny does look frightened. Too funny.

I love your Easter tableau---good luck finding a bunny!

So, is the polymer clay modeling clay?

Julie_c said...

Yeah. It's Sculpy or FIMO. Any of those little clay squares you buy in the craft store. You model it, then you bake it. Then, if you want, you can put on a clear glaze.

MIMI said...

Ha! I love Blamo. Blamo's so good. I think when you find the bunny that would be a good name. :)

MIMI said...

Oh, and of course, the self-portrait is the best part.