Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg Hunt

It wasn't the best day for an egg hunt.  The sun was out - sure, but it was bitter cold and windy.  I was sorta afraid the eggs would all blow away.  But here in New England - we're rugged.  So we had an egg hunt.  Here's the crew of neighborhood kids.  We sit them on the bench and then we yell, "Go!"  (Actually, that honor fell to the big guy in the back, Jon.  He was the Easter Bunny's helper this year.)
In years past, Magoo wasn't much into the gathering of eggs.  Well, last year he was.  And this year too.  He shot out and got a bunch of them right away.  See his new Spiderman basket.  That's a gift from Nana Pam and Grandad.  (Thanks!)
Here's a shot of the side of the park.  It's funny how fast this all went.  I think that's partly due to it being so cold.  When we have an April Easter - we all hang out and look in the eggs and what not.  This year it was like, "Got your eggs, kids?  Let's go!"
But I think they all had fun and, fortunately for us, Magoo is more into going out and finding the eggs then the stuff that's inside them.  (Because on his new diet, we're cutting out sugar, yeast and gluten.  Here, have a carrot, kid.)

Happy Easter everyone!


äiti said...

Love the Spidey Easter basket.

Sugar, yeast and gluten...that's quite the triumverate. Good luck my friend.

MIMI said...

What a wonderful little window into your world. Hooray! It sounds like your baby had a good time. I know when I find eggs on the egg hunt it boosts my self-esteem. Hey, every little bit helps.

Jay said...

so I guess Magoo will be eatting at the table of "First", welcome to the family.

Natalie said...

The Easter Bunny doesn't come to Italy (although he does come to our house)...we wish we could have come to your egg hunt!

Felicia said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all :)