Friday, March 7, 2008

Frog and Magoo

This afternoon I go into Magoo's school to preform my Frog and Toad puppet show.  I chose to do the story, The Letter, in which Toad is quite sad because he never gets any mail.  So Frog rushes home to write him a letter and gives it to a snail to deliver.  Frog rushes back to Toad's house to wait for the letter, which takes four days because the snail is so slow.  Cute.

I made a snail to pull along, and gave that part to Magoo.  (We'll see how he does with it.)  But while rehearsing last night, he took a liking to Frog.

Note my messy desk in the background.  :)
Now I just have to make sure I get all my lines down - but I can always ad-lib. ( They'll never know.) And I'll see if one of the teachers will snap a couple shots.  Wish me luck!

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äiti said...

Hope it was fun! Can't wait to see pix of the performance :-)