Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Things ...

A friend of mine just had a premie. He's just a tiny boy - maybe just 3 lbs. But he's holding strong - as is the Mama who had spent 6 weeks flat on her back prior to delivery. So this is a little gift for them.
Robert Ryan cuts a ton of words in his work. When I first saw them I thought - I'll never do that! That's crazy difficult! But this project came to mind and I thought I could handle a few.
This piece is a little larger, about 7" x 9".

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MIMI said...

I love this. It's great and the color of the paper is exquisite. Is that how it is? I think you're doing great work as always and I absolutely loooooove the watercolor banner at the top. Remember Joel Tannis? Yeah, a little like him, except I like your colors so much. The depth is beautiful.