Tuesday, March 11, 2008

International Women's Day

On Saturday it was International Women's Day. How did I know? Because my friend and neighbor, Shannon, invited me to her annual International Women's Day Potluck. And that's pretty much the only way I knew.

I guess it's a big deal in other parts of the world. Here - not so much. Then I started to wonder, why is that? It occurred to me that women have it pretty good in the U.S.A. Maybe it's not 100% fair. Maybe male lawyers get paid more then female lawyers. You can count all the ways it's still a "man's world", I suppose. But we can go to a soccer game if we want. And I, myself, haven't had any issue of not being able to do something I wanted to do because I am a woman.

In college, a male friend was always sort of put off that February was devoted to learning about African Americans. He'd say something along the lines of, "Where's the white man month?" And we'd answer, "All eleven others." So maybe , in the U.S., we don't go out of our way to celebrate women because we celebrate them more often in general? You think? I sort of enjoy celebrating myself! Just ask my husband. :)

But still, it's good to party. Here's a sample of the potluck.
Curse my lactose intolerance for not allowing me a slice of that cheesecake!!!
Here I am trying to eat a skewer of chicken satay. My friend, Angela, thought I looked kinda ridiculous, so she took a picture. I, for one, never mind looking kinda ridiculous, so I let her.

I hope all you women out there had a wonderful International Women's Day. And if not, have one today! And tomorrow!

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äiti said...

I see those cookies! Looks like scrumptious fun.

My one friend who wished me a happy International Women's Day is Irish and lives part-time back home in Ireland.

I think you're onto something about us being lucky here in the States.