Thursday, March 20, 2008

Irish Soda Bread

My apologies for no post yesterday.  The illness has finally crept into my system.  Yesterday I just had to sit on the couch and nap.  I will definitely take it easy today too.  I have to rest up for the egg hunt tomorrow!!! (Provided we don't get rained out.)

But I did make some bread.  (I washed my hands first.)

This ties in nicely to St. Patrick's Day - no?  Actually, it hadn't even occurred to me until I sat down to type this right now.  I've been making this bread for a little while now - it's very easy and I think it goes well with soup.  It's a denser bread, so sopping up a liquid is very yum!

(I have to confess though, this current loaf turned out a little uglier than usual on the outside.  I don't think I had such a smooth ball to begin with so it cracked in places other then my "x".  Still yummy though.)


4 cups whole wheat flour
3/4 cup white flour
2/3 cup uncooked oatmeal
1 TBsp. baking soda
1 1/2 tsp. salt
3+ cups of lowfat buttermilk

-Preheat oven to 375.

-Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

-shake buttermilk well and add 2 1/2 cups to dry mix.  Mix should be damp, not soupy.  If too dry, add more milk.

-knead dough lightly.

-shape into 2 balls and place on a oiled and slightly floured baking sheet.

-cut a deep "x" into each ball.

-bake at 375 for 35-40 minutes.



äiti said...

Looks yummy. It's hard to go wrong with fresh baked bread, isn't it?

Are the white flecks in the bread oats?

Hope you feel better soon!

Julie_c said...

Yep - that's the oats.

MIMI said...

You're unflappable. The bread looks amazing. Have fun on your egg hunt! I'm jealous.