Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Buddy, Staci

One of my best friends from college, Staci, lives in Chicago, so I don't get to see her very often.  However, she nows comes to the Hartford area every so often for work - so sometimes, when she's not too busy in company dinners and brain-storming meetings - we get to have dinner.

Last night was one of those night.  Yeah!  It was wonderful to get to talk face to face and to be out of the sick house for a bit.  However, since I've been so busy with the sickies and now need to get back to work on my book - which I can't post pics of - I thought I'd post of fun pics of Staci and me back in college - where we were both theatre majors.  (And yes, when you're in the theatre, you can spell it "re".)

So this is a production of Peter Pan.  Look at that set!  Pretty nice, huh?  Staci and I were both in the O-so-P.C. Indian tribe.  Staci is in the front in the white skirt and I am in the yellow skirt.
This one is from The Nutcracker - the play, not the ballet.  Here we are dressed as party guests.  Staci is in the blue (in the front again - camera hog) and I am in the lavender.
Funny story:  On stage, little Marie is begging her Father to let her go to the party then the backdrop - which is a scrim - goes transparent and the audience sees this lush party with guests dancing all over.  It's a nice effect.  That's what is supposed to happen anyway.  One night - all of us party guests are in the green room waiting for our cue - but we just never hear it.  But we do hear the line that Father says right as the scrim disappears.  We all freak out and start booking it to the stage.  So what the audience saw that night was a scrim disappear to an empty room set for a party, and about a second afterwards a bunch of party guests pour in from behind the Christmas tree and windows.  I'm not sure if the audience knew anything went wrong - but our director certainly noticed!


äiti said...


So glad you got to go out to dinner and have some time off!

Jay said...

thank god I wasn't in the public eye in "the day". I sure wouldn't want any pictures of me showing up. But if I could rock it like you, I might not mind.