Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rosy Cheeks and Snowball Fights

We had another beautiful snow last night.  I tell you - I can really get behind a good Friday night snow.  You know that all you have to do the next morning is sit back and enjoy it.  No rush to shovel (unless you like to).  No needless driving down slick roads to work or school.  It's just beautiful and fun.  Is there anything better?

Maybe rosy cheeks?

My husband went outside to shovel (because he likes to) and Magoo went outside to help/play.  I stayed inside to tidy and get some bread going in the bread machine.  After a little while - I  heard the wonderful sounds of children playing.

My house is not a big house.  It is not gorgeous from the front.  It will grace no magazine covers.  But we have the best dang neighborhood of friends and kids and they are all welcome to play in our yard and that's what rocks about my house.  

Here Michael, my husband, is playing with a couple of the older neighbor boys.  Magoo is running around somewhere but he's not as into the snow war as the others.  But the boys had a great time with Michael because he's a worthy opponent.  Here was my choice: clean the living room or go play in the snow.  I bet you can guess which I chose.

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äiti said...

That's so nice that you live in a neighborhood that you love.

I love seeing Magoo's little baby teeth---they are so tiny!