Thursday, April 24, 2008

Author Photos

On Tuesday I had a local photographer, Bill Morgan, take my photo for my author shot.  (Yeah, vanity!) Viking will use it in their catalog and maybe on the inside of the dust jacket of the book.  (And probably the New York Times will want one for their cover story on awesome picture books.)  And since I'm starved for images for the blog b/c my camera is still not back, I'll share the best two.

I think I like this one is my favorite.  We did a ton of shots and sometimes Bill would ask me to close my mouth.  I always felt like I was emoting a happy feeling even with a closed smile, but mostly I just looked pissed off.  I don't want the kiddies to think a mean lady wrote the book - so I think smiling is best.  Plus this is my favorite necklace.

This one is good too.  I have some of these with a closed mouth and some of them look really good but they read like I'm promoting a serial killer thriller and not a picture book.  This is nice though - a little milder in my glee.  Viking might prefer the lighter background.  We'll see.  Either is fine by me.

And can I just say, all my mad Photoshop skills came in handy retouching these babies.  Oh, yeah!


Natalie said...

These are great, Julie! Since you obviously didn't go for a ninja-clad shot, my vote is for the second photo. The first is good, too, but you're right about the back ground being too dark. And you want to be the author who wants to be noticed. ;-)

Shelley said...

I like the second one. You look more relaxed and the contrast of the background is nice against your hair. Plus the colorful scarf is more fun maybe from a kid's perspective. I'm so excited for you!