Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Clay Time

A couple weeks ago, in our Monday morning art class, Magoo and I worked with clay.  The first project was a pinch pot.
I have to confess that I didn't win a mothering award this outing.  Magoo isn't used to working with clay like this and I think he needed more time to just explore it's textures and what he could do with it before it became project oriented.  But the teacher was showing the kids how to make a pinch pot so I was pushing the project.  Well, it ended in a melt-down.  I learned a very good lesson that day - a lesson I already knew but had to be reminded of - art isn't fun if someone is cramming it down your throat.

We went and settled down and then, of course, he wanted nothing to do with the clay.  The class had moved on to making masks - so I just sat down with his clay and began to work with it.  I made the face form and the nose and brows, then he came back over and added a mouth and put smiley faces on the cheeks I had built up.  I would have never thought to do smiley face cheeks!!!  In the end, the mask was a joint project and I think it turned out well.  He painted it all on his own, though.

When I hung it - originally in the kitchen, but it's too active in there and it fell and broke off a couple hair pieces (all but one repaired) - Magoo said, "That's a cool mask."  Yes.  Yes, it is.

It's new hanging place in the living room.


äiti said...

That is a cool mask.

Sounds like you recovered nicely ---I'm an occasional patron of the "cramming ______ down my kid's throat" department myself and can relate.

I've been looking for that ribbon used in Magoo's mask ever since Aki's Kindergarten teacher used it in a project!

Julie_c said...

Where'd I get that? I think it was on sale at Michael's craft store, but I know I saw some at Ocean State Job lots too.