Thursday, April 10, 2008

Couple Things

Saturday, I am taking a couple of my koi paintings into the Center Framing and Art Gallery in West Hartford to hang.  This will be the first time I've had work in a gallery-for-sale setting.  Should be interesting.  I hope they sell.

And if they do - I can paint more koi!!!
In the front garden the daffodils are up and poppin'.  I have some lovely crocuses too, but they are in back of the bushes - how'd they get there?  I think once they start to die off I'll try to move them to a better location.  Also, I have not mulched back there so it's still full of old leaves.  Maybe this afternoon?

I love that it's warming up and the kids are all out playing now - but it also means I have to take a good hard look at the yard.  It's not pretty.  We refuse to use chemicals and with all the kids running about on it - well, let's just say that the people with the lawn businesses ALWAYS drop a flyer off at out house.  :)  Still, we'd rather have kids running around then a beautiful lawn.  But it'd be nice if we could have a decent one - at least.  I need to buy some seed.  Oh, Lowes?

I hope the daffodils are blooming for you!


äiti said...

Have you googled "chemical-free lawncare"? I bet there are websites with info out there.

Our town has really good support for people who want to care for their lawns and gardens without chemicals---maybe yours does too?

Local agriculture schools/programs (does UConn have one?), as well as, local county extension programs can be good resources, too.

I've learned that those old leaves behind your bushes can be composted, and have actually been nourishing the soil beneath it all winterlong :-)

We've been enjoying the crocuses and daffodils...the hyacinth will likely bloom today and the cherry blossoms are starting to pop, too.

Shelley said...

I'm pretty sure your paintings will sell. Are they the originals or prints?

Happy Spring! We're seeing lots of flowers cropping up here in Baltimore too. And the flowering trees of course!