Monday, April 14, 2008


An egg is still a food on Magoo's new diet - good thing he likes them.  So almost every morning we make him a nice scrambled egg.  And he likes to help too.  (Although this weekend we did make GF pancakes - not bad.)

I don't know if I'd ever used an old fashioned egg beater to beat eggs before in the past.  Magoo picked this out at the grocery store and it was at a time when my electric mixer was on the fritz - so it's worked out well.

Enjoy this photo - because now my digital camera is on the fritz and I have to send it in to the good people at Canon.  (I'd better get back to the paper cutting b/c I won't have any photos for awhile. Or maybe I'll simply have to go back through my old ones.)  Time for some creative blogging!

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äiti said...

Love that look of delight on his face. There's nothing like making yummy food.

Good luck with your camera---that sucks!