Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hand Made Paper

The universe was telling me to make my own paper.  This is something I used to do - pre- marriage, pre-child, but I hadn't done it in quite some time.

As we all know, being "green" is a big thing these days and I've been trying to do my part and consume less and create more.  So a few weeks ago I thought - maybe I should make some of my own paper again?  Then, through my leisure blog browsing I came across this tutorial.  Finally, while watching the kid's science show, Beakman's World, with Magoo - they made paper too!

So, you see, I was commanded to do so...
Ta-da!  Hand Made Paper!

The first thing I had to say is that Magoo showed very little interest in this.  He helped with one piece.  But, after pressing a few myself, I realized that it is a bit of a complicated and delicate art.  He likes his art more sturdy so I can't really blame him.  Besides, he had a new tire swing to play on.

I pressed about ten pieces in an hour and stuck them to the sliding glass door to dry.  (If I had my camera, I would have taken a picture of it b/c it was kinda cool.)  I thought that when the paper dried, the pieces would fall, gently, to the ground.  No, no.  They stuck.  They stuck good.
So around 8pm I was cussing and doing my best to peel them off without ripping them - only tore one piece - collage bin!

So I have a nifty stack of hand made paper that will most likely become cards.   It was fun - but it is a process.  And a set-up.  And a clean-up.  So it was high - maintenance fun.


äiti said...

I made paper once. It was in Nara (Japan) where I worked for a period of time in a residential program for adults with disabilities.

They collected milk cartons, peeled off the waxy covering, then made a pulp.

I don't remember much more about the actual process, but thought it was so cool. Especially because I love paper so much.

Wish you had your camera!

äiti said...

Did you get your camera back early?

I love the pine in the paper.

Julie_c said...

No - but Canon should be returning it today.

I did the image on the scanner.

Jay said...

I made paper in "the day" but had a real hard time with the inconsistency of the quality (thickness, texture, etc). I was a novice, of course, but couldn't let go and just enjoy the finished product.
Will you start to use it in your work? Can't wait to see the progression of your mastering the making (b/c I know you will master it!).

Julie_c said...

Ah, Jay - you have such faith in me. No, no I won't master it because it currently rates a TBAPIMB - too big a pain in my butt. It was fun. Maybe I'll give it another go when things settle. But really, when do things ever settle?

jenni said...

I've had that inkling myself lately...don't know why, and I haven't made paper since pre hubby, pre kids as well... hmmm

fun stuff! =)