Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Your Face, Toys R Us!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!  Warm, sunny, and look how the green is coming back to the grass.  I'm loving it!

It was the afternoon when I saw some of the neighborhood kids playing with a couple old tires.  My neighbors had cleaned their garage out and were getting rid of them.  I called "dibs" on two because we want to make a tire swing for Magoo.  But there were two left.

The kids were trying to roll each other in them and stack them and get in.  Then they asked if they could borrow my two - SURE!  They set up a series of games - running through them like a football team - this (above) is a jumping game.  Oh, and there's the high tech - card board box in the middle.  

Not a battery needed.  Not a dollar spent.  Just kids using their imagination and playing together.  It was great.

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äiti said...

This is the best kind of fun. I love this picture and completely agree with your sentiments.