Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kicky Tote Bag

Oh - how I love a good tote bag! My husband can tell you - I love bags of all sorts. Some women love shoes. I love bags and boxes. So when I saw this tutorial from the Purl Bee - I got very excited.
But this bag is not for me - oh no. I love to give of the tote bag too. This bag was made especially for my wonderful sister-in-law Pat for her birthday. We'll say her 38th birthday! The outer fabric is a good, strong canvas that I got on clearance from IKEA. (the only drawback is you have to wait 15 minutes for an IKEA employee to make it back to textiles. I was about ready to cut and price the thing myself.) And inside is just a standard yellow cotton. I got the straps from Jo-Ann fabric. Not including time to wash the fabric - the whole thing took 2 hours start to finish. And I think it came out pretty nice. My husband said it looked so good he thought a 14 year old Indonesian girl made it.

Happy Birthday, Pat!

1 comment:

äiti said...

Love the bag---and your funny hubby.

Lucky Pat!