Monday, April 21, 2008

No Images

It was a beautiful weekend.  We all had a lot of fun and got a lot of things done.  And I couldn't snap a singe picture of any of it.  :(  But the bright side is that Canon said they would, indeed, fix my camera for free so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping to have it by Friday or Saturday.

What we did:

On Friday, the whole family (Michael, Magoo and I) went to visit Mike's sister, Pam, in her new place.  She lives in the country and it was a beautiful day to play squirt guns in the yard.  Pam also lives close to a very cool playground.  Unfortunately, there were a decent amount of bees there and Magoo has developed a new fear - although he was not stung.

Saturday, I got a call from the gallery in town and they sold my big koi painting (the one in the banner.)  So that's great.  I have to get started on more and I have to start clipping those Michael's and JoAnn's coupons so I can buy some new frames 40% off!

We also put up Magoo's tire swing!  (Although it wasn't finalized until Sunday.)  Yeah!  It's very fun and Magoo loves it.  I'd post pics of him swinging - but, you know, no camera.  Hopefully soon.  Sunday afternoon there were 7 neighborhood children in my back yard all playing on the tire swing and the hammock.  Maybe a few too many - it's not a big yard.  But it also made me come to the realization that I'd probably better not put a lot of effort into reseeding back there b/c the kids are just going to destroy it anyway.

I also made: a tote bag, 2 pairs of shorts and 1 very cute colored pencil case for a birthday party we are going to next week.  (It kills me that I don't have a camera!!!)  And a TON of great food!


äiti said...

Sounds like a great weekend--- creative, productive, full of love and fun.

I hope you guys have an equally good week!

lynne said...

congrats on your sale. It's a great painting.